History of Power Tools

Whether or not you are a professional Worker. In this modern world, power tools as a part of our daily life. However, at home or in the workplace. With no power tools, the level of work simply wouldn’t be possible. They are a key everyday part of a home’s tool kit.

Invention and development of a power tool is a long journey that started in ancient Egypt. In 1970 visited the moon, additionally prompting the most significant industry of the world.

In this infographic, we try to find out the history of power tools. Hopefully, you learn the history, innovation, and improvement of the power tools.

History of Power Tools

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​Details of The History of Power Tools

1895: Power tool was born

In 1895, 16 years later the invention of Edison's electric lamp. German engineering company C&E Fein combined the power of an electrical motor with a manual drill. The new type of drill revolutionized the industry. It's a very first power tool in the history of developing power tools in the world.

The first power drill was much more massive than a modern drill. It was very large in size and weighing some 16.5 pounds. Also, the electric motor was not fast. Compared to current standards, this drill was cumbersome, difficult to use.

You can find out evident from the facts above. There was a lack of concept and design. In fact, it would seem almost unusable by today's standards. But 20 years almost a long time this design lasted in the market. It's a funny story, but this is the first step of born the biggest power tool companies in the world followed.

The success of this power drill that interests more companies or personal research and invest in this industry. However, the next 20 years it reigned supreme.

1910: Establish Black & Decker and Improve power tool

US citizen Duncan Black and his friend Alonzo Decker they opened a small machine shop in 1910. They together decided that improve the C&E Fein drill by modifying the design of the Colt.

Within 6 years, Black & Decker had started making their very famous pistol-grip, trigger-switch electric drill, from which we descend all modern handheld electric drills.

Moreover, it provides a lightweight, easier to use, and more powerful motor than the C&E Fein version, which led to it taking over the market.

1915:  Makita comes in the market

In 1915 Japanese Company Makita Corporation Comes in the market However staked its reputation on cordless, battery-powered power tools which Makita introduced in 1978. Nine years later, Makita manufactures cordless, professional-grade power tools for contractors.

Makita manufactures over 350 portable and stationary Different types of power tools,

1923: Establish Dewalt

In 1923, Raymond DeWalt introduced the world’s first radial arm saw. One year later, he founded the DeWalt for manufacturing power tool. Homeowners and carpenters revered DeWalt’s power tools for its durability. And the company manufactures over 200 types of power tools worldwide.

1932: Bosch starts power tools divination

Automobile company Bosch introduced its first power drill in 1932. Its power tool division has grown to include household tools, including power drills, circular saws, Jigsaw, and more. However, rewarding power tool manufacturers that started during the same right away 20th-century.

Because of the success of their first drill machine, Bose focuses on producing better-advanced power drills. In the course of time, Bosch introduces rotary hammers in 1932, supported by a breaker hammer in 1950. Moreover, it introduced its first cordless drill in 1978.

1957 innovation from Bosch

Innovator and manufacturer are trying to Develop Power tools since 1916, with constant inventions aimed to make them lighter and easier to use. The earlier manufacturer uses cast metal housings, which led to repetitive use injuries and often shocking the user.

In the first time in 1957 Bosch used a plastic casing for power tool. Its make the power drill more secure and risk-free from electric shocks.

1960s space exploration

Black & Decker is the name of the giants in the modern power tools industry. In 1961 the world of power equipment revolutionized by Black & Decker. The giants invented the first Cordless Power tools. However, influenced by the NICad battery. 2years later MMC contract with Black & Decker design tools for NASA.

Black & Decker worked with NASA to Manufacture a series of lighter tools that could be used in Zero gravity environments However used in space and on the moon.

1970s and beyond

In 1970 power tools have not changed fundamentally. However, Technically advanced improvements achieved in Battery. The manufacturer used lead-acid for batteries. Lead-acid consumption is much lighter than ever. As a result, power tools becoming lighter, powerful, and easy to move.

2000s and beyond (2010-2019)

The manufacturer tries to develop its products randomly. In the 20th century, power tools had more improved. Devices have become lighter and stronger. Cordless tools get a significant upgrade. The manufacturer now uses lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. As a result, we can use the cordless drill for a long time without charge.


Of course it! Power tools changed our way of life by making home safer and more efficient.

All the manufacturer of power tools industry is investing more in their research. However, adding new features that will give users a better experience. Improved version of the drill is available in the market in 20th Century.

Thank You For visiting our site and Read This Article with an infographic hopefully, this article and infographics the history of power tools reach your knowledge.

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