How To Use Socket Wrench- Make Your Work Easy

​Keeping a socket set on their tool box is something every car mechanic or hobbyist repairman practices. With various sized sockets or socket bits available out there, the users can choose to collect the set that comes with their required number of bits. It’s important to understand which set you’ll require to solve your target problems. Your choice can vary from as small as 13 piece set to as big as 573 pieces socket set. So that we have talked in this article about how to use socket wrench for making your work easy.

How to use socket wrench

Quick note - There’s a difference between a socket wrench and a crescent wrench. Unlike the crescent wrench, you do not require removing the socket wrench from the bolt while turning it.

Now, let’s find out why socket sets are so popular among the handy-persons, and how these sets can make your work easier.

​Tips of how to use socket wrench and to make your work more Easier

  1. Socket sets are primarily kept for maintenance purpose. You can use them to repair machines without losing much of your strength.
  1. DIY auto mechanic can upgrade their systems using a socket set.
  1. In case, you’re a professional automotive technician and thinking of featuring your kit box with apparatus for day to day maintenance, metric and deep metric sockets are the best options you can hardly ignore.
  1. Attaching extension with your impact sockets, it’s easy to make the work done in hard-to-reach areas.
  1. Get a impact sockets that accompanies radius corner design, you’ll be awarded with more than enough torque.
  1. From bicycle repair man to computer technicians, who want to complete the project on the spot, finds the socket sets with comprehensive amount of socket bits very much handy.
  1. For removing pesky fasteners, socket sets are nearly unbeatable performer.
  1. Replacing muffled parts from any exhausted vehicle requires socket sets along with the ratchet. Without the sockets, you can never undo the screws and bolts.
  1. Every small engine owner must keep a socket set with him all the time. Who knows, when he will need to replace the spark plugs.
  1. Have a lawn mower? Socket sets will again need to ease your discomfort (whenever the mess arrives). That is, on every occasion of detaching the mower deck, you won’t find nothing more special than socket sets.
  1. You can change the teeth on a hay rake or replace the parts on demand of an old wagon on the go.
  1. ​As we know, most of the yard cart, wagon and wheelbarrows are delivered by the deal unassembled and require joining before you see them come into play. So, when you have a socket set stored in your collection, you can manage to give the equipment their actual shape by fastening the included small parts using bolts and nuts.
  1. Bolts and nuts come overwhelmingly numerous numbers of sizes and design, so does the sockets. Therefore, it seems challenging to keep all sorts of sockets in their proper place. And once you’re set with all the sockets near your hand, start installing the bolts on the work piece. While the place you’ll be working on may not support much comfort in tightening the bolts, in that case, the solution we can suggest is using the ratchet. In fact, rackets are designed to tackle the bolts needed to fit on such constrained areas.
  1. Another remarkable time when you’ll thank having the sockets near your reach is during your working on fence gates, especially those gates that are attached with the wooden fence posts using large bolts.
  1. Coming with two different colors: chrome and black, sockets not only match the surface of the product for giving a soothing effect on the eyes of the beholders, but make the product long lasting along with a lasting impression on the client.

Things to Keep in Mind While Working With Socket Sets

Since we have understand that socket sets are helpful in pretty much all the outdoor maintenance and repairing tasks, it’s better to know exactly how we can use them or what is the correct way to make the job done. If you’re new to this tool, these are the things you need to know for making your project successful.

How to use socket wrench

Selecting Right-sized Socket is mandatory

One of the grave mistakes that a lot of amateur woodman make is - not give enough care on choosing the right size socket. Turns out, they vainly struggle with the socket wrench, resulting in wasting their time and energy. Chances are, such wrong selection of the socket, especially the larger ones can lead to sliding of the wrench, or the bolt can get stripped.

Confirming the Direction

While in a hurry, it’s easy to run the device on wrong direction. To get rid of such confusing moments during your tightening  or loosening the bolt, use the small lever of the socket wrench’s back to control the direction of the ratchet set.

Be Open to Add Extensions

Socket wrenches are best known for their reach. But in case your work zone in question has narrower room and you’re finding less room to maneuver, the perfect decision you can take at that moment is to use an extension bar. Apart from accessing you extra reach, this treatment is more helpful when you have to leverage with a stubborn bolt.

Final Words

On one hand, sockets wrenches can make our life easier addressing the problem within the shortest possible time, on the other, things can turn complex if you fail to keep all sized secured in your workshop and for this you have to know how to use socket wrench.  If you’re a professional mechanic, you never know the size of the bolt your client will ask you to undo, but you can hardly miss the socket that’ll snug fit. The loose fit socket can lead to slippery resulting in skinning your knuckles. That would, of course, be a “No-Care” situation for the client. But what may impair your reputation due to lack of knowledge about the sockets’ usage is - wrongly selected socket can damage the bolt’s condition during your struggle. The worse - you will find it very difficult to loosen. Because, having a socket wrench in your tool box doesn’t complete your duty as a craftsman. You must have the skill to operate it properly. You must know how you can use the socket bits to tighten nuts and bolts while connecting two pieces of wood or metal.

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