How to Keep Your Socket Set

​Are you tired of losing tracks of all the different sockets and another tool you might be working with? I would be somewhat amazed if you are not. Because working with a disorganized tool set is particularly very annoying and it can cause some extra stress on you because you need to keep remembering where you put your sockets. So it is why today I’m going to give you 7 tips to keep your socket set so that you can organize and access them easily.

​7 Important Tips to Keep Your Socket Set

1. Use an organizer

If you are a regular craftsman and require a lot of usage of both SAE and metric bolts then this could be to go for you, there are lots of socket organizer you can find Amazon or eBay. They are very good at organizing socket. It is designed in such a way to keep your socket sets arranged as per their type, height, and size.

But lately, there is lots of DIY or customized socket organizer available in the market. If you want personalized organizer as per your need, it is possible to make it yourself.


2. Keep the most frequently used at the front

You will notice after sometimes spending with the tools that you use some tools way more than others. So this is why it is important to start sorting out with them first. Start with the tools you use most in front so you can access without any pre-thought or be searching. You can use these tactics when working with socket sets or any tool because it works. It is always better to be organized than being angry at the mess.

3. Use foam trays

This is a popular way to store sockets in the tool bags. Because it has a lot of advantage when using the foam trays if you have trouble differentiating between the different sized sockets, the foam trays are the perfect one. Because they are made for keeping different socket sets. So if any one of them is missing, you can quickly notice and find, therefore.

4. Use socket rails 


Socket rails are a pretty good tool for saving the space and keep the sockets thoroughly organized. Sockets rails allow you store more tools if you much more tools than the space available to you. Or if you are buying a new set of sockets. Socket rails and clips made of chrome plated steel or plastic, so they are very durable as well.

5. Utilize rail clips to keep your sockets rails

Using clips to organize your sockets set can be a pretty good idea. Because clips can be used for holding the socket rail. This allows you to free to carry the tool bag and increase the portability. If you need to work at the distance from your tool bag, untie the clips and take only the rails with you.

6. Use color to coordinate 

You can use different colors according to the type and size of tools. You may start from the smallest then moving on to the largest. Use the light colors for smaller sockets and then keep changing the colors to bold ones.

7. Use magnetic socket holders

Other than all other ways of keeping your socket set, you can use magnetic socket holders to manage the sockets better. You can install the magnetic socket holder in your tool bag. This allows making sure you work without any fear of spreading the tools around after any accidental falling. It is convenient technique if you are working in the high rise building or say even at second-floor. Nobody wants their tool to cause any harm. The magnetic socket holders prevent sockets from falling it into the pedestrians.


Different standard and measurements of sockets

SAE Sockets

SAE’s full form is “the Society of Automotive Engineers. SAE or the Society of Automotive Engineers utilizes inches and fractions of inches from measuring sockets. They're the standard specification for cars and trucks produced in America throughout the 1970s.

The main reason for this is they're more exact than fractions of an inch as they're based on millimeters. Since these requirements are commonly made use of for screw fasteners dispersed throughout the globe, expert technicians would undoubtedly like to have both SAE and also Metric outlet collections.

Metric Sockets


Metric is your fastener measurement chiefly used around the world. You'll see that most imported cars have metric bolts. While using you will discover that some SAE has nearly the same dimensions with Metric, it's still crucial to learn how different they are. Between meters and yards. The two systems are equally used for socket collections, and they're almost the same.

Additionally, there are outlet collections that consist of both SAE and also the Metric outlet that you could purchase in the marketplace.

Shallow Sockets

Sockets may nevertheless be classified to still another distinction: deep and shallow. Most mechanisms will require a shallow socket place but it always great to know when you need to use heavy sockets. Shallow sockets are sockets useful for many automotive jobs. It is the most common type of socket for general use you will notice on the market nowadays. And since they're a regular from the mechanic's toolbox, they are inexpensive.

 Deep Sockets

Deep sockets made for a specialized function that requires a higher level of automotive maintenance and repair skills. The period of the bolt goes farther in this kind of socket, offering greater torque strength.  Because they're resources that mechanics seldom use, they tend to cost more than unmanned sockets. So instead of purchasing a full set, you might want to buy them separately.


Properly organizing a toolbox can save a lot of effort by making it easier to find the necessary socket you. So this is very useful if you don’t have much time to spare. If you have trouble keeping your socket sets before I think you now much better about how to keep your socket set properly.

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