10 Tips to Maintenance Your Socket Set

Socket sets are great tools. You can carry around so many tools in one small set. But often dirty and poorly maintained sockets and wrenches do not work as expected. But socket sets don't require so much maintenance either. If you don't mind using elbow grease and some cleaning products, they make a drastic change in the lifespan and usage of socket sets. Once cleaned up and restored to their original state, socket sets can last for years and take you through many projects.Here is our important tips to maintenance socket set.

Maintenance is crucial for any tool. Below we will discuss how to stay clean and properly maintain your socket set. Before that some Basic Knowledge about different parts socket set and their proper maintenance are necessary.

Maintenance socket set

How to Use Socket Sets

You can instantly twist the head of a bolt with a socket wrench which is pretty amazing. It has two parts, the socket with varied sizes and use and the ratchet. This wrench makes the tedious job of fastening and removing bolts and nuts of the auto body straightforward. Most socket wrench has a 90-degree ratchet handle combined with a broad set of various shaped “sockets”. These cylinder shaped sockets fit right onto the end of ratchet then keep turning the handle back and forth while you hold the socket in the same place.

What is a ratchet?

The ratchet works on a different Kind of mechanism than usual wrenches. it holds the motion of other direction when going one direction and releases it after  going into the opposite direction.

Best tips to maintenance socket set

Keep it in the storage

Sockets should be kept stored in a storage system such as a socket instance or chest explicitly made for sockets. Because they are easy to get messed up when holding among other tools.

Place the sockets near

These little fellows are very easy to lose. By placing the devices back into a storage platform, you'll be able to see if any of your sockets are missing when you have finished together. Otherwise, if you will be distracted too much to finish any work properly.

Find dedicated outlet storage

For easy usage and also to find readily, your Dedicated outlet storage systems should allow you to organize your sockets in dimension order, which will make locating the proper size socket for the job simpler next time you come to use them.

Use the brush for better results

Once using your sockets be sure as you are placing them back into the case clean. Any dirt has to go; you can use a brush to wipe the dust off. Don't forget to brush the inside of the socket head and push socket in addition to the outside of this socket. Muck and dirt can scratch away at the protective coating applied to the socket and also trap moisture that could lead to.

Be careful of corrosion

​It is essential that sockets don't have water left as this could lead to rust to form. If they're wet, they need to be dried with a cloth before being sprayed with a water peppermint oil.

Don't feel daunted by the dirt

Even though the socket sets can look dirty and unclean but all they will take to get it back into a new form like when you just bought. Everyday cleansing techniques like applying soapy water or a lubricant can handle the elimination of the dirt and rancid grease before it can lead to rust or other serious problems. Make sure to dry them with a cloth before putting it there somewhere.

How to maintain the socket set with soapy water?

Take a gallon and fill it up with warm waters. Then add a tablespoon of dish soap to it. Make sure that the cleanser is gentle otherwise it could cause harm. Take a nylon scrubbing sponge and start scrubbing the tools at your hand. The advantage of using nylon scrubbing sponge is that it can clean the cracks and crevices without ruining the finishing of the socket. After you finish, rinse it one last time with plain and fresh water and dry them before storing.

maintenance socket

How to maintain the socket set with lubricants?

You may have WD-40 in your home. It is a very handy lubricant to have in the home, but did you know it also works like magic to remove dirt and grease on tools? Well, spray a moderate amount of WD-40 onto your tools and then proceed to wipe them with a dry cloth. Keep on rubbing until there is no greasy feel on the tool.

Using the Lemon Juice and Baking Soda for persistent Dirt

Tips to maintenance socket set

Sometimes there will be some pretty persistent dirt which won't just get away with soapy water or lubricants.It is why you’ll need something serious. Like a paste made from mixing lemon juice with baking soda. Lemon juice is very high on acid it will cut through dirt and rust pretty quickly. Keep the paste between thin to not too watery. Use it on the tool with a cloth and after cleaning, wash it with fresh water.

How to clean stubborn dust?

If the rust is very stubborn and mild cleaner can do anything to it the best way is using coca cola. Merely take a jar or and put enough coca cola to soak the tool overnight. Scrub it with a brush then dry it.


As socket sets frequently used in greasy and unclean situations, they tend to pick up dirt and grease. If you leave these on their own without proper maintenance and proper care, socket sets are very vulnerable to corrosion. You should not leave it open in the air because rust can significantly damage the metal. It is very crucial to make sure that no water left on sockets. Because if they have any water left out could cause the rusting process very fast.

So make sure to follow all those useful tips and tricks shared for better maintenance of your socket set. Because they made for making your life easier. There is no point in making them unnecessarily complicated with inattentiveness.

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